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Trade ins

Trade ins
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Magnum Telemetry-Trade in Program. We currently accept both working and some non-working units on a limited basis. We accept working Garmin Alpha 100 handhelds, Astro 900,430,320,220 Garmin TT-15, TT-10,T-5, DC-50,DC-40 and DC-30 collars. We also accept workingTri-tronics models G2 and newe, both handhelds and receivers (collars).

We do also accept on trade-non working Garmin and Tri-tronics G2 and newer products on a select basis.

We reserve the right to refuse any trade-in. If you send in equipment for trade and we cannot reach and agreement on trade, you are responsible for return shipping.

Contact us via email, phone at 252-524-9848 or our 24/7 text line 252-560-7290 and tell us what you have and what you are interested in buying. We will give you a quote based on supplied information. If you decide to proceed with the trade, ship us your equipment. After an evaluation we will proceed with the transaction. We reserve the right to refuse any trade.